Trapp believes Frankfurt ready to overthrow Madrid

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Kevin Trapp expresses confidence at Eintracht Frankfurt Good enough to overthrow Real Madrid to win the European Super Cup on Wednesday.

Kevin Trapp, goalkeeper, Eintracht Frankfurt The Reds and Blacks are confident the Reds and Blacks are good enough to beat Real Madrid to the European Super Cup on Wednesday as well. The two teams will compete in Helsinki’s ‘Olympia Stadion’. Finland As reported by Marca on Monday, 

Frankfurt won the Europa League last season but Oliver Glasner’s side kicked off the season with a 1-6 defeat to Bayern Munich on Friday. But Trump is confident the Reds and Blacks are still good enough to beat the Whites to win the European Super Cup ufabet.

‘We were able to beat them to win our first title,’ said Trump. ‘It is in our DNA that we can cause problems for all opponents, as Eintracht Frankfurt. We want to be a tough team to play with, fight and never give up. These are the fundamental values ​​we instill. We will keep this mentality and believe we can beat the big teams. Of course, we have respect. But we’re not afraid’

‘When you get the chance to play against a team like this who has won 14 Champions League titles, it’s nothing but joy, playing in the Super Cup means you’ve succeeded. You get it and you do well,’ said Trump.